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Friday, 10 February 2012

Brewing your own coffee.....

  Are you a Brewin? Ok, so that was corny, but at least it got you thinking!  I guess what I am wondering is if you brew your own coffee or if you buy it of your commute to work, school or to your gym. in talking with a fellow fitness instructor the other day after my fitness class, further discussion around this topic seems necessary.
   Buying coffee at your local Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton's can cost you a fortune before you know it. An average coffee will cost you about $2.00. Now, the average Canadian coffee drinker drinks about 3 cups of coffee per day. Therefore, the average coffee drinker in Canada would pay about $6.00 per day on coffee if they were buying it on the run.
   However, if you set your alarm 5 minutes earlier rather than hitting the snooze button you could provide yourself with enough time to brew your own coffee.
    Let's say you bought a tin of fine grind coffee at the local supermarket for $5.00. You spend $2.00 on a bag of coffee filters, an $11.00 coffee maker and you are all set. So, for under $20.00 you can start making your own coffee. For the average coffee drinker that would be spend on fast coffee in under four days. Hahaha, wow!
    So, from that coffee tin, you can probably brew 15-25 cups of coffee. Now that is more for your buck! That would work out to spending about $50.00 on a cup of coffee where instead, you only paid $5.00 . It is obvious how much  more cost efficient it is to brew your own coffee at home.
   Now, for those of you who are not coffee drinkers; but are tea drinkers, the same concept applies! Tea can also be very costly when buying it on the run.
    Finally, a professor, personal trainer and entrepreneur  told me that he once saved up the money he and his wife would once spend on Tim Horton's coffee and put $2.00 in a jar every time they brewed their coffee at home instead. I encourage this strategy. This strategy can help you visibly see the money you are saving by waking up 5 minutes sooner! I know it is not easy to get up 5 minutes earlier everyday. That is ok though, after 21 times of doing this it will naturally become a habit and you will not even realize the 5 minute change.
     Be educated. Save money. Follow my blog!

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
NCCP Canada

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