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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sunday Workouts


    Sunday was a great day. Not only was NASCAR on TV, the weather was great and there was plenty of time for a decent workout. Sunday is probably my busiest day during the school year, but in the spring I finally get to enjoy Ryan Sundays. On Ryan Sundays, I have plenty of time during the day to do what I want. So, this Sunday I watched NASCAR after work, took a slight nap and then ventured off to Antigonish's Goodlife for my shoulder workout. 

       Typically, I am so worn out on Sundays, I can barely get through my bootcamp and rest up for Monday's. However, this Sunday was different. I thoroughly enjoyed my 40 minute shoulder and core workout, which included clean and press, seated dumbbell shoulder press, and plate swings (my personal favourite). I finished my shoulders off with a Smith machine seated shoulder press. For my core work, I did three sets of hip lifts, Russian twists and an exercise I call the Hangman's Gift (see picture provided). Despite napping prior to my lift, I had a great workout.  

         Next Sunday, I'm encouraging you to take time to do what you love. Whether it is going for a walk with your spouse, walking your dog or just throwing a frisbee with a friend, just do it. There is no substitute for the happiness that comes from healthy movement.

Ryan Fahey
CPTN Canada

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