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Friday, 30 December 2011

A good friend, mentor and role you have one?

Having a pen pal :)

The other day I was checking the mail and boom! There it was, a letter from a distantly familiar friend. She had written me another letter. It had been awhile since we wrote each other but as I opened up the letter and began to read that familiar writing style it felt like yesterday she had written me.
     10 summers ago in Cavendish, PE I met this girl at the boardwalk via walkee talkee, or however you spell it. See, when I was 12 we never had fluent data plans, pocket sized cell phones and email was a luxury for a country my sister and I used cheap walkee talkees to communicate with others who had them as well. I still remember her saying she was coming to visit me at the boardwalk, it was a hot summer day and I was slamming  back a cold chocolate milk when she came and introduced herself. We talked for a bit, exchanged emails and addresses. I told her I would write her and to this day, 10 years later we still write.
    Recently she wrote outer adventures in Europe, she has been traveling to Berlin, Switzerland, etc and is soon traveling to Spain and Asia. She and I have Been sharing a lot over the last few years and I am extremely excited to see where we with both be writing from and what we will be doing in another ten years.
   Now, you are probably reading this and thinking,Ryan, what does this have todo with wellness? Well folks, good question. Wellness is a wheel with six spokes. One of the spokes is social along with the other ones such as mental, physical and so on which create the unique lattice work of the sturdy wellness wheel.
   Writing to someone and having them write back may be one of the best feelings you can get for .59cents. It is so amazing knowing that somewhere in the world someone is thinking about you. Whether they are in Spain or brazil, they are thinking about you and the next post card or letter they will send you. The world is still a huge place, but we have made it smaller through communication. Cease the opportunity to catch up with an old friend or find an old friend and start writing them again and keep in contact with them. YOU benefit by practicing legible hand writing skills and they benefit from hearing what life is like in your world compared to theirs. That folks, is a huge piece of metal in my social wellness spoke which helps hold my wheel together as I travel through life maintaining health and wellness. Do not take people for granted and take the time to show someone that YOU care! Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone! Keep reading!

Ryan Fahey
B. A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada

Operation Christmas child

That's right! One colorful box. One persons initiative and compassion Can make the difference in someone's life.
   Each year around the middle of November, there is something which each one of us could do to make a difference in someone's life. Now, you may be saying to yourself, "that's great Ryan, but can't we do that anytime we want?" my answer, yes! You can make a difference anytime and it could be as simple giving someone a hug or taking someone out for lunch. However, this type of difference is unique to the Christmas season! As many of you do each year on Christmas morning, you wake up and enjoy your time unwrapping gifts. It is a magical time spent oftentimes with family and or close friends and is unmatched by any other day on our calendar. Now, imagine yourself not having that day. No gifts, no family, no friends and no spiritual harmony surrounding the glow of the Christmas season. This imagining is a reality for many young boys and girls around the world living in poverty and or alone with no family or very few friends. These children miss out on this magical experience every year. Now, what if I told you that YOU could change that for a child somewhere in the world.
 This year, along with many others, I jumped on this awesome opportunity to help a child receive a good Christmas by filling up a shoebox and sending it away with the operation Christmas child charity campaign. This year, my girlfriend and I chose to give our box to a boy around 9years old. This box could be sent to south America, parts of Asia or somewhere in Africa.  These boxes are sent through the Franklin Graham foundation and reach far across the globe each Christmas season.
   Now you are probably thinking, "Ryan, how does this relate to health and wellness?". Well, it relates to the wellness wheel because my girlfriend and I took time out of our busy week to scan the stores to find gifts for a young boy. This unnamed, unknown boy will have an amazing Christmas because of the time we took to spend time with each other helping another boy. If there is one thing that can bring a relationship closer together it is through the virtue of humility and generosity. Through using both of those, we worked together to help improve a child's life, thus we in turn felt better about ourselves and our relationship. Whether this is something you do with your family members or your girlfriend the outcome will still be the same. You cannot put a price tag on generosity and on social well being, which are two spin offs of such a great charitable opportunity.
  Next year, I challenge each of you to find one of these boxes if you already haven't  and fill one up, drop it off at there drop off locations and help improve a child's quality of life through making their Christmas their best Christmas ever.

Ryan Fahey
CPTN Canada
Canfitpro fitness instructor
B.A Human Kinetics. 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

That was easy?

It is a philosophy to live by. Sit down, look in the mirror or simply repeat that statement to yourself when you get up in the morning.
You may be thinking "my life sucks" or " I am too tired" or " nobody works as hard as I do". Well, congratulations to you lucky individuals who have this thought process going on. This is not necessarily a bad thing. This is a natural thing. We sometimes get so busy and preoccupied with our jobs, careers, hobbies and endeavors and often get worn down. We often work really hard at what we do and sometimes it's hard to see the long term benefits of such a daunting number of tasks. But I come to you today to tell you to keep pushing, keep digging and keep striving to do your best work and to continue on in your tasks even if you feel like it is hard to go on.  I fully realize this is easier said than done but know that you are not alone. I myself tend to bite off more than I can chew and sometimes have to repeat this statement over and over in my head. A good buddy and client of mine was the one who sparked this realistic ideology for me. I firmly believe that if your life was easy, everyone would be living it. Or, if your job was easy, everyone would be doing it. But the thing to remember is that no one can live your life, and if you can convince yourself that no one can do your job better than you can you will be more productive, enthusiastic and positive within your jobs and daily tasks.
In all honesty, I wake up some mornings with that sluggish dragging of feet and wonder why I am up so early and coming home so late. Sometimes I feel like I am crazy. It's true, by definition, I am insane. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If this is the case, I am in good company with many people! However, each day I try to take 10-30 minutes for myself to sit, relax and listen to my thoughts or nature or an inspirational video on YouTube to get me through the day. I believe that is the easiest part of my day and everyone should be doing that. As busy as you are, I challenge all of you to take time for yourself everyday and immerse yourself in your thoughts, picture yourself doing something you enjoy or just sit and close your eyes and listen to your thoughts. It will surprise you just how much your energy and enthusiasm for what your doing and the difference you are making will improve.
    If there is one thing to take from this blog, it is to not always take the easy way out and to remind yourself that yes you are insane by definition, but you are not in it alone. You make a difference. Your hard work and determination speak louder than words. Your motivational attitudes will payoff for influencing others. You are the light in a chaotic world. You are a true example of what it takes to become successful. You hold the key to happiness. Keep digging and finally always remember, "when all else has failed, the wings of dedication will not".

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada

Thursday, 8 December 2011

How to save money....

In today's hard economic times, with the holidays approaching, how can we save more money? Well, I have it figured out. I do not have all the answers but what I can do is show you a few ways of places and situations where you can save money.  Enjoy.
   Where do you buy gas? If you are able to, buy your gas at a gas station which gives you some sort of a bonus. I am not talking about something like air miles or esso points, I am talking about something tangible, such as a discount on your groceries.  The superstore gas bar is a prime example of this, When you buy gas there you get a receipt which gives you a discount on your groceries. If you saved those up all year and used them at Christmas, you would be surprised just how much you could save. 
   Bank the rest....
If you are a scotia bank user, they have a rewards program called, "bank the rest". When you spend money you receive money with no extra fees. Trust me, it's awesome! If you purchase something that is 1.51$ and use your debit card, the bank automatically rounds up to $2.00. That means that the bank pays you .49 cents for that purchase. Pretty cool if you ask me. It tallies your year to year savings and so far this year I have accumulated $47.60. That's all savings due to buying things I would normally buy with my debit card. 
    Put your car in neutral.....
While driving to Bangor, ME this summer I distinctly remember putting my car in neutral going down the rolling hills. I traveled from calais ME to Bangor ME on 1/4 of a tank of gas. I know that it was because I put my car in neutral for many miles. So, next time your going downhill, save some gas and carefully put your car in neutral. 
    Make your coffee at home...
Just like many of you reading this blog, I too enjoy my hot coffee in the morning each day before I go to work. Well, instead of sleeping an extra 5 min and driving to Tim Hortons for you 2$ coffee, get up 5 min early and make tht coffee at your house. Take that $2 and put it in a jar. After some time, you will  notice how much you are actually saving. If you bought a coffee every morning of the week instead of making it, your looking at a $10.00 weekly coffee tab. That's about $30.00/ month. You get the picture....brew it at home, save some income. 
   Travel mugs. Get one, save .10c per purchase. Save the environment. Keeps your coffee hotter for longer.
    Making your own lunch..
Each workday, try making your own lunch instead of buying lunch. It will save you money and if you happen to be extra stressed that day, you will already have a prepared lunch and therefore will be less likely to buy a less healthier choice. Preparation is key for long term success in life!
    Wait until boxing week if you can to buy your necessities. If you know you can hold off until after Christmas to buy something then try your best to hold out until that week where items can be marked down 50%, then go get your necessities.
    Homemade Christmas cards and tags.......
This year my roommate introduced me to homemade paper. In her art room she has different colored paper made and ready to use for Christmas tags. Some people also cut up old Christmas cards or Christmas cards in general and. Use those for tags. Either way, it is an easy way to save money and still give the gift of giving over the holidays. Also, making your own Christmas cards or Christmas letters can sometime make the whole experience even better. When something is hand crafted and written it can often heighten the excitement around Christmas, and it saves money.
This time of year, try carpooling as much as possible. Try to combine schedules with someone you know to car pool with them. This not only saves on  gas and wear & tear but it will make the drive a lot faster by having someone to communicate with which will make the driving experience more enjoyable.
     Be educated, save some money, live a better life!  Keep checking in on my blog too!

Ryan fahey
CPTN Canada
B.A Human Kinetics


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Credible coaches?

If you have been following the news recently, you will appreciate this blog.  A select few coaches within the NCAA have been accused of sexual assault with young boys....question is when is this going to stop? And is this limited to the NCAA?
  No, this is not going to stop. We have entered an information age where anyone can access anyone via the world wide web and people in positions of power have consistently abused the power in the generations past. This is not an issue limited only to the NCAA as we have seen this type of skewed behavior within church positions of authority, teaching positions of authority and now finally spilling into the largest north American industry; sport! This topic is not new by any means but the reason why it is highlighted so frequently of late in the news is because the NCAA generates such a massive amount of cash stimulus for the economy. Media giants love stories like this because they can dismantle an entire legacy with one story. This is not the problem though, the problem is that coaches are losing their integrity and allowing news anchors the right to bring them down. Pedophilia and corruption is not something which started yesterday and will not necessarily disappear tomorrow.
     As parents, we need to be sure to be aware of these headlining issues and select our coaches carefully. We need to be constantly asking questions to our kids about how their coaches act and react in different game settings and on traveling trips. Things are different from 30 years ago and it is a lot easier for coaching misbehavior to be noticed and headlined due to the information age  live in. A good coach cannot simply act reckless, above the law or in any other manner that would jeopardize his or his position of authority. Coaches are held to a higher standard and this standard cannot be diminished from bad integrity. It is so important that coaches constantly remind themselves of ethics so that when ethical situations arise they are fully prepared to act in a proper, professional manner. There are amazing coaches out there who can be awesome mentors and role models for their players, seek out these coaches. That goes for you to, NCAA. Stop attempting to maintain legacies built on a foundation of sin and scandal. Start seeking out coaches who can and will do a better job and not ruin your schools reputation and legitimacy. 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

If you like my blog...

Check out this blog if you enjoy reading mine. On this blog by my best friend, you will find healthy, nutritional recipes and eating tips, as well as many other life changing ideologies.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Steve Jobs...enough said

Once again, good evening ladies and gentleman and thank you for taking the time to carefully read my blogs. I assure you that these blogs are written for you and not for myself. I write only to expose you all to educative matters and to help you through this thing we call life..
Last night I was laying in bed looking up at the ceiling and thinking about how to motivate myself for this morning as I was having my first evaluation as a teacher. I went on YouTube and stumbled on a video of Steve Jobs during his convocation speech and Stanford University in 2005. Now, like the majority of people, I had not studied Steve Jobs and his history nor had I had a thorough appreciation of his knowledge, entrepreneurship endeavors or his life journey. In this 16 min video Job breaks his speech into three main parts. 1)life 2)love and 3)death. It was most captivating from start to finish as he talked about his upbringing. He also has an autobiography which thoroughly takes you through his life but his overview was astounding. He was born while his mother was in University and she chose not to keep him. He was put up for adoption but the family who wanted him decided last minute that they wanted a girl, leaving him with a mother who could not keep him and no family to take him. Eventually he found a home, and was forced to enroll in university as a young adult. He struggled in university and dropped out in his first year. He decided that he could not pursue what he loved because he did not care about certain classes. Given his perfectionist nature he inevitably decided to start working in his garage. Which leads me to part 2. Love.
Jobs talked about how much he loved computer system programming and that it constantly drove him when everything else let him down. He did not care about other peoples perspectives but knew his love and passion would take him anywhere as he was always "hungry" and "foolish". He went on to invest his money from work and built the first iMac computer with Steve Wozniak which led to the augmentation of apple! Why do you care? Well if this information was not relevant enough listen to what he went on to say.
Death. Jobs and Wozniak grew the company to an enormous size when Jobs and other head company managers disagreed on certain future projections for the company. Long story short, the man who started apple, jobs himself, was fired. He went on to start his own company and purchase pixar which led to the development of toy story, the greatest children's movie ever made. Jobs was then hired back on to the apple company as years later they realized they made a huge mistake by firing a perfectionist professional. Jobs then became diagnosed with a treatable pancreatic cancer from which he recovered. However, as many of you know Jobs recently died due to ailing health. However, in his closing statement to the Stanford grads he stated that no matter how much or how great of technology he creates, death is and always will be the most innovation of life. He also staed that if we as the next generation neglect to pursue what we love and what we are deeply passionate about, we will inevitably age with regrets and feel void. He encouraged all grads to not listen to the criticisms of others, nor to simply settle for a comfortable job. He looked over the crowd and said, "stay hungry, stay foolish and do not let anything stand in your way. If you live each day like it is your last, someday you will indeed be true!"
R.I.P Steve Jobs, your technology and legacy are a testament to a professional heart and a perfectionist mind. In my books you join the ranks of Alexander Bell, Thomas Edison and Teddy Roosevelt.

Mr. Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada