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Friday, 30 December 2011

Operation Christmas child

That's right! One colorful box. One persons initiative and compassion Can make the difference in someone's life.
   Each year around the middle of November, there is something which each one of us could do to make a difference in someone's life. Now, you may be saying to yourself, "that's great Ryan, but can't we do that anytime we want?" my answer, yes! You can make a difference anytime and it could be as simple giving someone a hug or taking someone out for lunch. However, this type of difference is unique to the Christmas season! As many of you do each year on Christmas morning, you wake up and enjoy your time unwrapping gifts. It is a magical time spent oftentimes with family and or close friends and is unmatched by any other day on our calendar. Now, imagine yourself not having that day. No gifts, no family, no friends and no spiritual harmony surrounding the glow of the Christmas season. This imagining is a reality for many young boys and girls around the world living in poverty and or alone with no family or very few friends. These children miss out on this magical experience every year. Now, what if I told you that YOU could change that for a child somewhere in the world.
 This year, along with many others, I jumped on this awesome opportunity to help a child receive a good Christmas by filling up a shoebox and sending it away with the operation Christmas child charity campaign. This year, my girlfriend and I chose to give our box to a boy around 9years old. This box could be sent to south America, parts of Asia or somewhere in Africa.  These boxes are sent through the Franklin Graham foundation and reach far across the globe each Christmas season.
   Now you are probably thinking, "Ryan, how does this relate to health and wellness?". Well, it relates to the wellness wheel because my girlfriend and I took time out of our busy week to scan the stores to find gifts for a young boy. This unnamed, unknown boy will have an amazing Christmas because of the time we took to spend time with each other helping another boy. If there is one thing that can bring a relationship closer together it is through the virtue of humility and generosity. Through using both of those, we worked together to help improve a child's life, thus we in turn felt better about ourselves and our relationship. Whether this is something you do with your family members or your girlfriend the outcome will still be the same. You cannot put a price tag on generosity and on social well being, which are two spin offs of such a great charitable opportunity.
  Next year, I challenge each of you to find one of these boxes if you already haven't  and fill one up, drop it off at there drop off locations and help improve a child's quality of life through making their Christmas their best Christmas ever.

Ryan Fahey
CPTN Canada
Canfitpro fitness instructor
B.A Human Kinetics. 

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