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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Rest Days Count...

    That's right folks, rest days count just as workout days count. Even athletes like Tim Tebow know this. I feel like many people think that a rest day doesn't count but it most certainly does. 
Having a rest day is critical for muscle recovery and to allow your body to re energize for your upcoming workouts. They are important to the overall success of your workout plan.
    For me, rest days are random. Living a busy schedule (like most everyone)it is easy to get a rest day in but the time of the week which that rest day is changes from week to week. However, I still manage to get a rest day in each week. So people workout 8 days in a row and then take a rest day, others 9 but whatever works for you is what is important. If you 
work long hours or commute far to the nearest gym, maybe a weekly rest day is what works best for you. Just pick your day and go with I!(haha)
In terms of nutrition, many theories exist that you should 'treat' yourself once a week and that it is critical to your overall long term 
success of healthy eating and exercise to avoid deprivation. Now, I am not saying go out and have a piece of cake whenever you crave it. All I am saying is that when you feel you need to fuel your craving, do moderation! Others say "cheat" days are not good for your metabolism and your body. 
      Treat yourself (not McDonalds) to something you naturally crave. For 
example, if you naturally crave carrot cake (like me) have a piece of it and enjoy it. Depriving your body of what you crave may work short term but in the long run it may set you back in terms of overall social, physical and emotional health due to deprivation frustration and/or what I can "nutrition burnout".

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
Canfitpro FIS, PTS

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Self Preservation

    One of the best things you can do for yourself is to live a lifestyle which 
supports self preservation. You're probably asking yourself, "Ryan, what does 
this look like and how is this possible?"
    First, let's define self preservation. In layman's terms, self preservation 
could be defined as a series of smart, intuitive decisions which leads to the preservation of your life. Each day we wake and are encouraged to make many decisions from what we wear, what we eat and when we will go to bed that night. Within these decisions we should constantly be thinking about our self preservation. 
    For example, a person decides that they are going out on the town despite 
working early the next few days. Impulsively, this would most likely be fun 
and foster good feelings. However, if you are thinking about self preservation you would imagine yourself during those following two days of work. Picture yourself feeling tired and worn out. Another example is nutrition (or lack of it). We often buy food that is cheap and easy to cook. Such food is not necessarily the best choice for our bodies to work and function properly in good health. A series of bad nutritional decisions can lead to a break down in our self preservation and even lead us to become sick and tired. 
    Now, let's couple these two examples above which together become a series of 
decisions which goes against our self preservation. Making decisions which 
do not promote self preservation can hurt us not only physically and mentally but it can also tarnish our work performance. We need to stay sharp and at our greatest form of preservation in order to perform well at our jobs. It is very easy to lead a fun life constantly making decisions which lead us to wonder why things happen to us, why we're ill or exhausted and worn out within our careers. I'm here to say stay focused and proactive in your decision making in order to live a life of self preservation! 

Ryan Fahey 
B.A Human Kinetics 
CPTN Canada 
Canfitpro FIS, PTS 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Coconut Water

    The other day I was introduced to the new trending drink: Coconut water. 
Yeaahhhhhhh, that's right, where would we be without coconuts? At first I was skeptical.Then I tried coconut water and realized the benefits it can have for your body at certain times. I looked into what ingredients are in this drink (100% pure coconut water) and realized that people need to know more about it.              
    When looking at the brand O.N.E Coconut water it clearly beats out any 
sports drink. It contains 45 calories, 470mg or potassium (k), 47mg of sodium (na), 18mg or magnesium (mg) and only 8g of sugar per 240ml serving. Most sports drinks contain about 4 times as many calories per serving along 
with more than double the amount of sodium (~100mg) and almost double the sugar. As well, coconut water contains about 16 times more potassium than most other sports drinks.This means that per serving, coconut water is the leading source of concentrated electrolytes (k, na, mg) than any leading drink on the market. So, If you are looking for a good electrolyte replenishment, try coconut water instead of other sugary sports drinks.
    So your probably thinking,"Ryan, this is the coolest thing ever.Why am I not buying coconut water by the dozen?" Well, probably because it tastes nasty! I find it bitter to the taste and hard to stomach on its own. I also tried mixing my coconut water with my post workout promasil protein shake but that did not go so well. It tasted even worse. I've concluded that coconut water and I are going to have a tough relationship. It's going to be hard for me to continually consume coconut water until I find a medium which 
it mixes well with.
    Until then, my verdict on coconut water is that I see no wrong in drinking 
it given hot, humid, summer conditions. We often find ourselves outside in 
the heat working all day followed by working out. We may not have an increase in appetite due to the high heat temperatures. Therefore, having a source of concentrated electrolytes is a good idea. As I write this I have a coconut water stored away in the fridge in case I need one after a long day 
of work or after a workout.

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
Canfitpro FIS, PTS

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Scooby's Half Ironman Triathlon

Scooby is the man. Just casually taking on a half Ironman Triathlon! If this does not motivate you to get up and get moving than nothing will! Let me know what you think about his video

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
Canfitpro FIS, PTS

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Protein Intake

The following information is for the average adult and these numbers can change if you are an elite athlete or training very intensively! Always consult with your doctor and Canada's Food Guide before making changes to your diet.

       The past few days I have been asked by numerous people around Long Island about daily protein intake and when/what type of protein works best. Lets discuss this....
       First, always try to get your protein sources via macronutrients (meats, soy milk, dairy, etc...) and then if your diet does not support sufficient protein amounts, add in a whey or soy protein isolate such as Promasil.
       Second, regardless of where you live, how you live or what kind of job you do you NEED .8 grams of protein per kg of body mass. Now, your probably thinking, "AAAHHHHH, WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN??" To break it down for you if you weigh 60 kgs ( 132lbs) you NEED at least 48 grams of protein from something in the run of your day. Now, if you are pregnant that number per kg is higher (~1.1 per kg) and if you are working out or exercising intensively, your intake per kg should increase to ~1 gram to 1.2 grams/kg.
       Now, you are probably asking yourself, "Ryan, what happens if I consume too much protein in the run of a day?" Well, you ask a good question. Too much protein above what your body needs becomes stored as energy in the form of fat mass (just like consuming too many calories, carbs, fats, etc...). Therefore, your own window of protein intake depends on your own weight and your activity level. If you happen to consume too much protein you will often notice weight gain as fat mass and now you know why that happens.
       If I were you, I would keep track of your protein intake and pay close attention too it. Protein fuels your body's muscular system and your body needs it just like carbs, fats, cals, etc...But, just like everything else which leads us to wellness, it must be balanced. We have to constantly balance our daily protein intake and try hard to meet our own requirements.
     Again the formula for  average daily protein intake is:   0.8grams per kg ( 60kg x 0.8= 48grams of protein)

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
Canfitpro FIS, PTS

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Changing Lives Through Pedometers

     While attending the National Physical and Health Education conference in 
Halifax, NS, I was able to meet a promoter of a pedometer company called 
Stepscount. Stepscount is a Canadian company who share common goals with 
many personal trainers, fitness instructors, life coaches and physical 
education teachers. They are pro-movement. Stepscount emphasizes the usage 
of their pedometers along with their personalized computer software to allow 
pedometer users to track their steps taken and caloric expenditure. Along 
with Canada's Food Guide, a pedometer can be a great tool. Stepscount 
pedometers are also built for accurate steps counting and work around large 
waistlines which can sometimes cause pedometers to be less accurate. As 
well, Stepscount has separate bright orange pedometers built for children 
and young adults.
    Recently, I was given 30 pedometers from Stepscount to give to a "Learn to 
Run for Smokers" program in Antigonish, NS. Each pedometer was uniquely 
packaged in a pill bottle.This mimics a medicinal prescription but is 
actually a preventive prescription tool to use with prescribed exercise. 
This packaging, personalized software format and pedometer accuracy allowed 
for each client to try using the pedometer. When I used my Stepscount 
pedometer while tree planting in May, I took 16,358 steps in one day proving 
to me just how accurate these pedometers are. (I had to test them myself 
    Since the implementation of the pedometers, many clients of the program have 
reported attempting new daily steps goals and achieving previous daily step 
goals. Many have used their personalized computer software and their 
pedometer to track their exercise and have even started competing with each 
other to see who can achieve more steps each week.
    Hearing such positivity from clients of the "Learn to Run for Smokers" 
program, it is clear to me that Stepscount helps. have 
quality, accurate and reasonably priced pedometers which can help you track 
your daily activity or recreational activity and help you stay focused. If 
you feel like you want or need a pedometer to help track your daily activity 

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada 
Canfitpro FIS, PTS

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Exercises For Golf

This is a great video about how to prepare your muscles for proper golfing form without compromising your hips. Many recreational players struggle with soft tissue tightness and injuries which can negatively disrupt their golf game. Remember to stretch before and after your golf game just as you would stretch before and after the gym!

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
Canfitpro FIS, PTS