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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Loyalty and trustworthiness...What's the difference?

   The other day I had a great discussion about something that had happened in one of my buddy's lives where he was very thankful to have a loyal friend to help him get through his situation.
   In the days since, it seems as though I cannot get these two words out of my mind. Loyalty and trustworthiness....what do they mean? Well, in short a person who is trustworthy is a person who will take what you say and basically keep it confidential. They will not tell anyone what you have told them and you know their word is good. A person who is loyal or a loyal friend is someone who will stand beside you no matter what that word is.  For example, if your friend does something which you do not approve of, if you are loyal to that friend you will tell them that you do not approve but you will also stand right beside them as they live through the consequences. For example, say your friend tells you something and tells you to keep a secret. If your trustworthy you will keep it, but you may shun this friend as you do not agree with what they said. However, if you are a loyal and trustworthy friend you will stand beside your friend even if you don't like what they told you.
   This is a more philosophical blog looking at the unique differences between these two concepts. I think it is very important to understand these two concepts and apply them in certain situations. Next time your friend or family member does something you do not agree with, tell them! But stand beside them as they deal with the consequences. For in the words of Maximus Orillius from Gladiator, "what we do in this life, echos in eternity". 

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada

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