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Friday, 6 January 2012

3rd annual Christmas Eve run

The snowflakes were falling over the countryside and the bitter wind was in my face but that didn t deter my enthusiasm as I had my brother in law along side. That's right, it was that epic! The 3rd annual Christmas Eve run! For 3 years I made the decision to partake in a run during the holiday season. See, people think "Ryan why would you workout on a holiday, especially Christmas eve?" my answer, "if I love doing what I do, why wouldn't I do it over the holidays?" with that attitude in mind, I feel that we all need to approach physical activity with that attitude, especially in January. See, now that the holidays are over most people have that shift in attitude and do not always love the joys that come with physical activity. We all get caught up in doing what we "have" to do, instead of what we "want" to do in terms of physical activity. Just like my attitude towards the Christmas Eve run, we all need to find a way to enjoy physical activity more during the long winter months. Find a friend, go for a walk, take the dog out. Whatever you can do to increase the fun factor, do it!

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada

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