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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Stateside Summer Fitness


     First of all, it is great to be back in the 'blogosphere' of leisure writing. Thank you for your patience while waiting for another blog. Moving forward, I hope to blog once per month as I transition to my next job in Raleigh, North Carolina.

     As I finally have some minutes to sit and reflect on another amazing summer in The Hamptons, I realize I truly have been blessed. This summer I was able to meet amazing people and work as part of an outstanding leadership team which saw the commanding of camp programming for between 600 and 900 campers, staff, and parents depending on the day. This team I was a part of gave me the unique opportunity to experience camp from a new lens and to grow in my personal and professional leadership; which I am thankful for.

     Outside of the camp atmosphere, I was able to meet some amazing families from England, Canada, California and, of course, New York. I was able to establish myself as a true entrepreneur willing to have a team of individuals ready to work when the phone calls came through. Along with this type of work, I was also able to play hard and to experience multiple concerts, MLB games and meet some future MLB players.

     These experiences were all amazing and life changing for me, but they would not have been so if I had not focused ample energy into my morning workouts. My good friend and hockey guru Patrick O'Brien from Newfoundland, CA accompanied me as I pushed my physical limits and Patrick made sure that when everyone else was at the beach drinking beer, we were hitting the outdoor basketball courts, turning them into some high intensity interval training facilities. This established mentality towards exercise allowed him to become my best workout buddy! During our eight weeks together we challenged ourselves with compound movements during each workout and added more weight to exercises such as shoulder press, bench press and dead lifts throughout the summer.  We both consider this a pretty impressive accomplishment as many can relate to how exhausting the 'camp' life can be as the summer progresses.

     Now, you may be thinking right now, "Ryan, you traveled to work and worked out a lot and that is great but what is the point of this blog?". The point of this blog is that I wanted to show you all that at the centre of a great summer lies great workouts. Experiences can be life changing; your job can be one of the best going and your social life can be at its peak, but I believe that if you let your workout schedule slide and do not set personal fitness goals you truly did not make the best use of your time and energy. To sum it up, that is wellness. It is a series of decisions you make that take you from living a good life, to allowing you to live your best life.

     I look forward to sharing my new and exciting experiences with all of you as I move forward. Remember to keep life simple and keep your workouts at the centre of your values and daily activities.

Ryan Fahey

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