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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Spring Into Wellness

        April is such a beautiful time of year. The winter weather is an after thought, the birds are out and the greenway is beginning to look lush again. It is hard to believe that with all of the beauty that comes with this month there are still many of us who sit inside our homes like its winter. Kids are in their ‘post school’ video game routine and you are probably still trying to adjust to all the changes that may be coming at your job. Spring break is over and you are anxiously awaiting summer.
However, we sometimes need a reminder that this time of year is the perfect time to focus on physical family wellness. Many trails are newly renovated, pools are open and tennis courts are cleaned up for safe activity. So, you and your family may need to use some of these tips to help break your winter routines to help enhance your physical family wellness. 

-Clean the yard together as a family
-Get the shrubs and garden ready for the growing season (allow your children to help)
-Start planning 1-2 family walks/bikes per week after school 
-Plan a family picnic at a local park on Saturday or Sunday
-Make weekly trips to the local farmers market
-Enrol your children in a spring recreation sports league
-Join your own adult recreation sports league
-Download some audio books for a ‘personal walk’ once per week
-Join a local fitness facility and/or association (tennis, swimming, etc..)
-Set your alarm 1 hour earlier and get some outdoor exercise in before work

All of these are good ways you can improve you and your family’s physical wellness. It is important for us to remember as adults that we are role models for our families and friends. If we can schedule in physical activity as leaders in our family then our children will also see it’s importance to their lives as you actively participate in physical activity together.

Remember, keep it simple and keep it fun. Turn spring in to the season of making new family memories together through regular physical activity.

Ryan Fahey

Friday, 13 March 2015

Transform Your Morning


    The other day I read an interesting post on around time management. Most times I scan through articles and take a few mental notes before moving on. However, this one was extraordinary and so I had to print it off for my planning.
     Recently, I have been teaching full time, personal training, writing for four different website and mobilizing a small startup from my place of residence in Nova Scotia. All of this has compounded together in the past month causing me to think strategically about my time management. No matter who you are, time management is not an easy thing. If you have kids and a spouse and travel a lot for work, you may want to use this blog as a good reference to schedule your days. If you are single and working two jobs, keep reading…
Since reading this article, I have implemented two things in my day that are changing my life. From family time to work time, everything seems clearer and more effective. Here are a couple strategies I am implementing everyday to balance my life.
  1. 15 and 30 minute time blocks
First, I have broken my mornings into 15 and 30 minute time blocks. each morning I wake up at 6am. I have ‘Ryan time’ between 6am and 8am (prior to school). So here is my morning.

6-6:15: Check emails and respond
6:15-6:30: Schedule all social media/blog posts for the day
6:30-6:45: Check on year plan, goals, etc. and plan for the day
6:45-7: Read one of my books

7-7:30: Jogging or resistance training session
7:45-8: Prep all food for the day
8:15: arrive at school ready for the day

         Now, most of you are probably thinking that I live a boring life. However, the important thing to keep in mind here is this is the plan that works for me given my goals and my priorities in life. I always was a morning person, but this 15 (and sometimes two 15min blocks) minute block strategy has  lessened my stress, allowing me to focus during my workouts and while reading. My mind just seems more organized both emotionally and intellectually for the day. Finding a schedule that works for you is important so don’t be afraid to try different things to see what works to keep you balanced with your priorities.

     2. Post it notes

The second thing I implemented from this article was the ‘post it note’ strategy. This is basic, easy to implement and very useful. It helps me balance my ambitions and passions! Each night prior to bed I take only one post it note and write down all of the things I want to accomplish the following day during ‘ryan time’. This list is centred around my priorities aside from my regular teaching job. It also allows me to remain focused if the day gets out of hand with tasks and errands. Once all tasks are completed on the post it note, I recycle it and create a new one before bed for the next day. Limiting myself to 5-7 post it notes per week keeps my task management proficient and my effectiveness towards others very high.

Ultimately, both approaches give me less stress, more organization and more energy to direct to my workouts and allow my sleep patterns to improve. For me, working out and eating great (physical and nutritive wellness) come easier than time management, energy management for intellectual and emotional wellness. Implementing these strategies are allowing me to work on more areas of wellness which makes me enjoy my days so much more. Tweet me @wellnessrf and let me know how you organize your days!

Ryan Fahey