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Friday, 6 January 2012

The Quispamsis Goodlife

     Say that 10 times fast. That's right, Quispamsis is a place located in the back woods of southern New Brunswick within throwing distance of the Irving Codfathers and local entrepreneurs. My visits there are very welcoming and enjoyable. One of my favorite things to do, wherever I travel, is to workout. So logically, when I travel to Quispamsis, that is one thing I do.
 In this village there is a very classy Goodlife gym . It is spaceous, welcoming, laid back and home grown. It is large enough that if you wanted to avoid someone you could and if you wanted to see someone they are within walking recovery distance. It is equipped with a huge spin room, aerobics studio and enough cardio equipment to sink a ship! Even at its busiest hour there is no fighting for your treadmills and upright bikes.
    Let's not forget about post workout nutrition......Not to worry at this Goodlife! It is sandwiched between a Shoppers Drug Mart and a fancy pizza/sub shop, everything you need within walking distance!
    While I was there I was able to do straight leg dead lifts while glancing out into the back woods of New Brunswick. I also got some amazing cardio in while catching up with some former X graduates, again, making this gym more welcoming. Also, the locker rooms were safe, clean and again very large for us men. See, we need lots of room to move our big egos around after a sick chest pump, and that gym has that space for us to do that.
    I guess if I could describe it as simply and easily as possible I would have to say that this gym was the Starbucks of gyms, it was your north star in the night. This gym has it all folks! I encourage you all to hop on the Goodlife train when you are in or near Quispamsis. While you are there, tell the generous people at the front desk that you read about how good this gym was on Ryan's blog. I may always have trouble spelling or saying Quispamsis. But I will never have trouble working out in that place.

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
NCCP Canada

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