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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Gym courtesy

  So today I was training a client and to put it nicely, the gym sounded like the 4th of July. But since we are in Canada, let's say the 1st of July.  A random person was doing Romanian dead lifts, which in laymans terms is an exercise you would do to appropriately pick something heavy up. In doing so, this person proceeded to slam down their weights repeatedly for each rep of each set. Just picture the sound of about 230lb colliding on a floor over and over again for let's say, 24 times. Anyways, my whole point here is that it was loud, freakishly loud. Now, why would I blog about this? Good question!
    Courtesy, something which many young men are not accustomed to and something which many of us overlook at times. A simple act of courtesy can go a long way! If you want to know the true definition of courtesy, just use your common sense. At least, that what I do..
      See, in allowing the weight to drop at the speed to create that much force/noise this person was not fully getting their reps done properly. This person was not only shifting all he gym attention to himself, disrupting other's workouts, but they are also cheating themselves of a good exercise. Now, this could lead to chronic back problems down the road or even a torn muscle.
    We all can agree that courtesy is especially critical this time of year when maybe "new" people are trying out the gym for the first time in their lives or returning after some time off. These individuals need a stress free environment, not one full of shattering noise and a lack of courtesy. So, next time you are at the gym and you see or hear someone slamming the weights around, go up and speak your mind. Tell them they are being superfluous ly loud and that it is distracting you. It doesn't matter how big or small this man or woman is, the important thing is that they be reminded of good manners and courtesy.
    We only have so much space at the gym folks, so share it with others in a friendly, welcoming, low noise kind of way. If that happens, we can all maximize our workouts and all reach our goals together without unnecessary injury or interference.

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
 CPTN Canada

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  1. Classic! After he slammed it down, did he walk around so everyone could see him??