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Thursday, 8 December 2011

How to save money....

In today's hard economic times, with the holidays approaching, how can we save more money? Well, I have it figured out. I do not have all the answers but what I can do is show you a few ways of places and situations where you can save money.  Enjoy.
   Where do you buy gas? If you are able to, buy your gas at a gas station which gives you some sort of a bonus. I am not talking about something like air miles or esso points, I am talking about something tangible, such as a discount on your groceries.  The superstore gas bar is a prime example of this, When you buy gas there you get a receipt which gives you a discount on your groceries. If you saved those up all year and used them at Christmas, you would be surprised just how much you could save. 
   Bank the rest....
If you are a scotia bank user, they have a rewards program called, "bank the rest". When you spend money you receive money with no extra fees. Trust me, it's awesome! If you purchase something that is 1.51$ and use your debit card, the bank automatically rounds up to $2.00. That means that the bank pays you .49 cents for that purchase. Pretty cool if you ask me. It tallies your year to year savings and so far this year I have accumulated $47.60. That's all savings due to buying things I would normally buy with my debit card. 
    Put your car in neutral.....
While driving to Bangor, ME this summer I distinctly remember putting my car in neutral going down the rolling hills. I traveled from calais ME to Bangor ME on 1/4 of a tank of gas. I know that it was because I put my car in neutral for many miles. So, next time your going downhill, save some gas and carefully put your car in neutral. 
    Make your coffee at home...
Just like many of you reading this blog, I too enjoy my hot coffee in the morning each day before I go to work. Well, instead of sleeping an extra 5 min and driving to Tim Hortons for you 2$ coffee, get up 5 min early and make tht coffee at your house. Take that $2 and put it in a jar. After some time, you will  notice how much you are actually saving. If you bought a coffee every morning of the week instead of making it, your looking at a $10.00 weekly coffee tab. That's about $30.00/ month. You get the picture....brew it at home, save some income. 
   Travel mugs. Get one, save .10c per purchase. Save the environment. Keeps your coffee hotter for longer.
    Making your own lunch..
Each workday, try making your own lunch instead of buying lunch. It will save you money and if you happen to be extra stressed that day, you will already have a prepared lunch and therefore will be less likely to buy a less healthier choice. Preparation is key for long term success in life!
    Wait until boxing week if you can to buy your necessities. If you know you can hold off until after Christmas to buy something then try your best to hold out until that week where items can be marked down 50%, then go get your necessities.
    Homemade Christmas cards and tags.......
This year my roommate introduced me to homemade paper. In her art room she has different colored paper made and ready to use for Christmas tags. Some people also cut up old Christmas cards or Christmas cards in general and. Use those for tags. Either way, it is an easy way to save money and still give the gift of giving over the holidays. Also, making your own Christmas cards or Christmas letters can sometime make the whole experience even better. When something is hand crafted and written it can often heighten the excitement around Christmas, and it saves money.
This time of year, try carpooling as much as possible. Try to combine schedules with someone you know to car pool with them. This not only saves on  gas and wear & tear but it will make the drive a lot faster by having someone to communicate with which will make the driving experience more enjoyable.
     Be educated, save some money, live a better life!  Keep checking in on my blog too!

Ryan fahey
CPTN Canada
B.A Human Kinetics


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