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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Get Smarter!

      This past week I was able to read another awesome book given to me by my friend who shares a similar pattern of thinking when it comes to life, business and leadership. The book was called "Get Smarter" written by Canadian McGill graduate, Seymour Schulich.
     When I read the first page I knew it was going to be an unreal book. Written from a blunt and realistically experiential approach, Schulich through many levels of life lessons at you in just under three hundred pages. 
     In the first section he writes about reciprocity and the importance of giving back. Whether its family, friends, co workers, etc. everyone who has helped you along your journey, taking you from where you were to where you are now, deserves thanks and reciprocity. This 'pay it forward' attitude towards those people in your circle of influence can continue to contribute to your success.
    When writing about relationships, I was able to learn a lot from Shulich. With friends, Schulich says that it takes twenty, thirty or even forty years to develop deep and long lasting friendships. I have started to see that in my young life. I have seen my number of 'friends' drop, but have seen the emotional bank accounts of my 'close friends' augment ten fold. As this continues I can see how right Schulich really is....
    When purchasing goods and commodities, Schulich offers a great approach which I have applied to my life. When he was young his dad told him, "See if you still want the item in question twenty four or forty eight hours later [after you initially want it]. It is amazing how often a cooling off period kills the ardor of a purchaser". This has never been truer than it is today. We click to buy and purchase on impulse all of the time. Sometimes taking a step back and waiting we realize that we clearly did not need the product or commodity. Schulich goes on to write that if you have your money in your pocket then you have control, if you don't have your money in your pocket then someone or something else is controlling you.  See what I mean by how great this book is?
     Near the end of his book, Schulich opens my eyes with investing in endowment funds. See, at 24 years old I have thought about someday purchasing an endowment fund within the University I graduated from. Schulich explains the inflation piece, as well as the fact that really only 7% to 10% of your endowment money actually goes into the future student's pockets. The remaining 93% to 90% actually goes into future University developments, such as fancy infrastructure. This is great for the University, but if you want to really help the students on a ground level you are better off investing in a scholarship fund and dishing out direct bursary money.
    The bottom line with Schulich's book is this: be smart with your funds. Be smart with the people around you and with your future decisions. Live a fulfilling life by being happy where you are now, and constistently thinking ahead to where you want to be can contribute to those successes. Schulich aims for you to 'get smarter' to achieve your dreams. His book is one I plan to take with me wherever I go and open up for some quick advice.

Ryan Fahey


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