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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New Years Resolutions..Don't make a resolution?

Good afternoon folks. I am blogging today regarding superfluous new years resolutions. That seems like quite a bold statement to make, but I will explain the reasons why I make such a statement.
    Every year, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of individuals make the conscious decision on January 1st that life will be different for them. I am one of those individuals who have tried that technique and have failed miserably. It is a huge sociological problem we face each year. Why do so many people fail at reaching their resolutions? Why do people assume that things will work out but get three or four weeks down the road and then fall back into the same routines and procedures prior to the big decision they made? I will explain why..
  1)The weather: We often make resolutions when the weather is basically the worst it could be in Canada. Roads are often snow-covered, icy and there is more dark in the day then sunlight. We often try to run more or use active transportation as our resolutions but due to our harsh Canada climate, we fail miserably.
  2)Tight funds: We are most always financially constrained following the Christmas season and we try to cut corners wherever possible for a few weeks. This often goes against resolutions because if your resolution is to get a gym membership, that can become very expensive. Also, we all know that eating better (according to Canada's food guide) is very expensive as well. These factors are often overlooked when impulsive resolutions are formed.
 3)The prior build-up: If we say we are going to make a change on New Years we often "compensate" for this by going "all out" over the Holidays. This often involves eating massive amounts of junk food and candy and desserts as well as extra turkey dinners, pies, etc. All of this over eating pushes us farther away from our weight loss goals before we have even started.
 4)Family: We often have families whose needs come ahead of your own. This is normal if you are a parent and are usually aware of this. However, if in the new year you make a resolution to make more time for yourself, sometimes the relationships with your family become strained, which is not a good balance.
 5)Busy gyms: If your resolution involves hitting the gym, goodluck. Gyms accross the country become over packed and over capicitated for the long month of January. It seems that everyone makes a resolution involving the gym and it is very intimidating to start working out at a gym with so many people. You are already aware that you are working out because you need to be in better shape, so why build those anxieties by surrounding yourself with people around you throwing judgments and intimidating stares.

  In conclusion, do not throw yourself in a box filled with empty promises. If you want to go to the gym or start going to the gym start anytime of the year. Start on your Christmas break before New Years. Start when there are less people and you will feel better in doing so. Your family is important, plan ahead to when your kids are less busy and talk to your spouse to keep each other active all year, Do not start making resolutions when it could be the height of your childs hockey season. Also, do not build up the decision ahead of time that change is coming. Doing so will cause you to overeat with ease prior to your new goal. Approach the Holiday season with a goal and already have one in mind for Jan or Feb. Funds are tighter after the Holidays so ask for a gym membership for Christmas. Ask about family pricing or even for a new pair of runners as a gift. All of these things should become priority if a good decision is going to be made. We all know how bad the weather can be so have a back-up plan in place. You will be working/in school and traveling my be complicated with winter temperatures and storms. Running will not be easy if it is outside so be flexible and try to do your runs in the morning. Start running now and get a head start on your goals!
    Proper planning is essential for life and planning should be ongoing. Goal setting should not be attempted once a year, but instead should be attempted the whole year. :)
    Become Educated!


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