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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Greece...Itally......The World?

     Recently in the world we have been accustomed to seeing different countries falter due to "weak" economies. How can this be? How can we start with one nation falling economically and another one following suit? Well, I blog today to tell you to get comfortable with that idea. Not only will these countries continue to falter and drag others into recession with them, this has happened throughout history many times. For decades and centuries countries rose or fell economically mostly due to wars, famine's diseases, etc. Now, we face new coomplications mixed in wit an old recipe. We see new players in this game. We see technology, social media and globalization playing as stronger factors to this downfall. We see up risings such as , "Occupy Wall Street" and internet sites such as facebook bringing everyone together in a frustrated fashion.
    Greece is currently facing an economic crisis, and Itally will be next. France will follow suit and eventually even economically sustained countries will fall until one recipe is developed to solve mass chaos and unemployment. This solution will be a one world economy. It is only a matter of time until a one world economy umbrellas the eastern and western world to solve much of these downfalls. The recession in the 30's was solved by agricultural means and war, but this time we are over populated, underfed and underpaid in many countries. If we were to break down the formula, logically we can see that the only solution to these ongoing issues is the same currency dispersed over as many people and countries as possible. Now, this may seem like a communist notion I am suggesting but that is not the case. Communism has never been tested to handle the global inequalities and paradigms we face. I am suggesting that a one world currency will be the only logical solution to bail out all of these countries and give them a "fresh start".
    I encourage anyone who reads this to think critically about our changing world. Each day the news throws news like this to us and we need to think about these things critically. We mut educate ourselves and judge for ourselves what we can to rationalize our role in Society. Educate your children and discuss these worldly issues with them to help them better understand things.

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