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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Credible coaches?

If you have been following the news recently, you will appreciate this blog.  A select few coaches within the NCAA have been accused of sexual assault with young boys....question is when is this going to stop? And is this limited to the NCAA?
  No, this is not going to stop. We have entered an information age where anyone can access anyone via the world wide web and people in positions of power have consistently abused the power in the generations past. This is not an issue limited only to the NCAA as we have seen this type of skewed behavior within church positions of authority, teaching positions of authority and now finally spilling into the largest north American industry; sport! This topic is not new by any means but the reason why it is highlighted so frequently of late in the news is because the NCAA generates such a massive amount of cash stimulus for the economy. Media giants love stories like this because they can dismantle an entire legacy with one story. This is not the problem though, the problem is that coaches are losing their integrity and allowing news anchors the right to bring them down. Pedophilia and corruption is not something which started yesterday and will not necessarily disappear tomorrow.
     As parents, we need to be sure to be aware of these headlining issues and select our coaches carefully. We need to be constantly asking questions to our kids about how their coaches act and react in different game settings and on traveling trips. Things are different from 30 years ago and it is a lot easier for coaching misbehavior to be noticed and headlined due to the information age  live in. A good coach cannot simply act reckless, above the law or in any other manner that would jeopardize his or his position of authority. Coaches are held to a higher standard and this standard cannot be diminished from bad integrity. It is so important that coaches constantly remind themselves of ethics so that when ethical situations arise they are fully prepared to act in a proper, professional manner. There are amazing coaches out there who can be awesome mentors and role models for their players, seek out these coaches. That goes for you to, NCAA. Stop attempting to maintain legacies built on a foundation of sin and scandal. Start seeking out coaches who can and will do a better job and not ruin your schools reputation and legitimacy. 

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