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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Steve Jobs...enough said

Once again, good evening ladies and gentleman and thank you for taking the time to carefully read my blogs. I assure you that these blogs are written for you and not for myself. I write only to expose you all to educative matters and to help you through this thing we call life..
Last night I was laying in bed looking up at the ceiling and thinking about how to motivate myself for this morning as I was having my first evaluation as a teacher. I went on YouTube and stumbled on a video of Steve Jobs during his convocation speech and Stanford University in 2005. Now, like the majority of people, I had not studied Steve Jobs and his history nor had I had a thorough appreciation of his knowledge, entrepreneurship endeavors or his life journey. In this 16 min video Job breaks his speech into three main parts. 1)life 2)love and 3)death. It was most captivating from start to finish as he talked about his upbringing. He also has an autobiography which thoroughly takes you through his life but his overview was astounding. He was born while his mother was in University and she chose not to keep him. He was put up for adoption but the family who wanted him decided last minute that they wanted a girl, leaving him with a mother who could not keep him and no family to take him. Eventually he found a home, and was forced to enroll in university as a young adult. He struggled in university and dropped out in his first year. He decided that he could not pursue what he loved because he did not care about certain classes. Given his perfectionist nature he inevitably decided to start working in his garage. Which leads me to part 2. Love.
Jobs talked about how much he loved computer system programming and that it constantly drove him when everything else let him down. He did not care about other peoples perspectives but knew his love and passion would take him anywhere as he was always "hungry" and "foolish". He went on to invest his money from work and built the first iMac computer with Steve Wozniak which led to the augmentation of apple! Why do you care? Well if this information was not relevant enough listen to what he went on to say.
Death. Jobs and Wozniak grew the company to an enormous size when Jobs and other head company managers disagreed on certain future projections for the company. Long story short, the man who started apple, jobs himself, was fired. He went on to start his own company and purchase pixar which led to the development of toy story, the greatest children's movie ever made. Jobs was then hired back on to the apple company as years later they realized they made a huge mistake by firing a perfectionist professional. Jobs then became diagnosed with a treatable pancreatic cancer from which he recovered. However, as many of you know Jobs recently died due to ailing health. However, in his closing statement to the Stanford grads he stated that no matter how much or how great of technology he creates, death is and always will be the most innovation of life. He also staed that if we as the next generation neglect to pursue what we love and what we are deeply passionate about, we will inevitably age with regrets and feel void. He encouraged all grads to not listen to the criticisms of others, nor to simply settle for a comfortable job. He looked over the crowd and said, "stay hungry, stay foolish and do not let anything stand in your way. If you live each day like it is your last, someday you will indeed be true!"
R.I.P Steve Jobs, your technology and legacy are a testament to a professional heart and a perfectionist mind. In my books you join the ranks of Alexander Bell, Thomas Edison and Teddy Roosevelt.

Mr. Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada

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