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Monday, 10 February 2014

If You Wear Underwear, You Can Wear A Pedometer

          Piezo Pedometers are something you may overlook. They are not as flashy as the iPhone 5s or even as the tablet you have blanketed in a COACH case. But, they may be more valuable than both of those items combined. I typically do not promote products on my blog as a freelance writer. However, I must say that the folks at StepsCount share my philosophies and vision surrounding movement and a healthier society. They are passion driven and create great products which suit my active lifestyle. 
          Piezo Pedometers are the product of a Canadian company who are doing big things in an increasingly monopolized ‘wellness hungry’ western world. The company not only shares a solid mission statement and software which promotes effective use of personalized data, they also share a vision for a healthier society. Their pedometer systems are small, simple, durable and affordable. Steve Jobs believed that his products should display simplicity as he once said, “Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication”. StepsCount shares that design ideology and it shows in the practicality of their Piezo systems.
          Now, you are probably thinking, “Ryan, who cares? Why would I wear one of these pedometers anyway?” Let me explain.
          First, having a personal trainer on your waist never killed anybody. As a matter of fact, wearing a Piezo system actually reminds you of how active you are each day, which can add years to your life. The basic Piezo systems require no effort at all. Simply clip it on your waist, (you’ll notice it is far less bulky than the phone and tablet cases!) reset it from the previous day and then check it when you take it off before bed. If you wear underwear, you can wear a Piezo system. No excuses.  
         Second, its human nature. I took a couple courses in human nature while at St.FX and I will defend this fact to my death. Humans are built to move. It is a fact. For centuries we hunted large beasts and chased down our food. We also wandered the forests for fruit to nourish our bodies. It is human nature as a bipedal species to move. Now that you have accepted that fact, why not track that movement each day by wearing a Piezo Pedometer? Visit!
            Finally, its different. We live in a society today, in North America, that thrives on mystery and excitement. Businesses are almost quarterly bringing out new soft drink flavours, speciality coffee’s, etc. all aimed to excite you into purchasing those products. Knowing this, I have been wearing my Piezo Pedometer for a few months now. I have worn it on my waist while wearing dress pants, presenting at conferences and hosting workshops surrounding physical literacy. And you know what? It always sparks conversation! People may first think it is strange that you are wearing something on your waist (if they even notice at all), but once that awkward thinking passes, it generates a level of questioning and learning, which translates into new acquaintances. I challenge you to wear it at the gym, at your school while you teach, or at the office and let me know what happens! 

Ryan Fahey

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