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Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Necessity of Sleeping

    Sleep is so important and yet so overlooked. Many people struggle to find 
the sufficient hours of sleep needed to live active, healthy, balanced 
lifestyles. I must admit, it may often be one of the hardest things to do. 
Each day we are pulled in different directions with our jobs, daily 
activities, families and friends. I am sure you all have things which occupy 
most of your time not only during the day but well into the evening. 
Sometimes you may find yourself saying, "I need to stop what I am doing and 
go to bed!". You are not alone in saying that. Millions of people say 
something similar every single evening.
    Now, how do we get more sleep? Well, it comes down to how efficient you are 
in the run of your day. If you are a procrastinator who puts off everything 
until the last minute you should rethink the way you tackle your daily 
agendas. Spending more time throughout the day getting things done can often 
free up more rest time at night. Another way to get more sleep is to shut 
everything off. By everything, I mean electronic items like your iPhones, 
blackberry phones and computers. How many of you have stayed up a few extra 
minutes waiting for a text or email when you could be resting? Worry about 
your emails in the morning. Turn off your electronics and get more 
sleep.Have everything prepared for the morning before you head to bed. 
Prepare your gym bag, pack your kids lunches, take your garbage out, etc.. 
There are many chores that we put off until the morning which we could have 
done the evening before. This allows more time to sleep in during the morning hours.
    There are many other ways you can change your schedules to allow for more 
sleep. Keep trying new things within your routines to give you more time to 
be recharged and well. Sleep is just as important as your training schedule 
and your nutrition intake. The three combined can become an awesome recipe 
for health and wellness. However, if you are lacking in any one of the three 
of these components you are at risk of compromising your overall health and 

Ryan Fahey 
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
Canfitpro FIS, PTS

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