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Thursday, 15 March 2012


    Well folks, it is great to be back on blogging trail again.  Today I will try to focus on one topic, one person and one book which has added much significance and passion to my love for teaching, training and entrepreneurship!  
      In my Elementary Phys. Ed course there is an awesome individual who brings much to the table. He often shifts my thinking, as well as that of many others, inspiring people all over the world, and making everyone he knows smile or laugh. This man's name is Gary Gray! Now, GG has started something fantastic which I recently heard about and I thought I should share that with all of you. BE......AWESOME!            
     After attending one of GG's sessions on how to become a better individual and how to strive for higher standards within your career, I was very empowered. GG has a lot to offer everyone! He is inspiring people all over the world through his website [] and challenging his followers to pick up their bottomless knapsack each day and continually strive to fill it. Through his website he dares you to try new things, help other's and most importantly he challenges you to think creatively and authentically while habitually using mindfulness.        
      GG also recommended an amazing book from which his website and BE AWESOME campaign has flourished. This book is titled, "Crush It" by Gary Vaynerchuk. So, the other day I strolled into a bookstore and found the book (only one left in the entire store) and bought it. This book is extremely powerful in helping you change your way of thinking about business and success. Vaynerchuk challenges each one of his readers to dig deep, push hard, work hard and do what you do admirably. In other words he means, "BE AWESOME". I have since been inspired by this book and if you can find it, buy it and then read it.  
     If you want to become awesome at what you do, I challenge you all to a) check out GG's website mentioned above and b) Pick up the book, "Crush It".  By learning from GG and the book I am reading, I now realize that there is no secret formula to becoming awesome. If I could explain it to you in simple words, being awesome is about having the right people with the right education with the right ideas talking about the right things, which leads to the right results!

 Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
 CPTN Canada

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