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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Small Windows Of Opportunity


          Each day whether you believe it or not, a favorable circumstance presents itself in your life. This circumstance stares in your face, gives you a chance to react then runs away quickly as if to mock you. That bait is what I like to call the “small window of opportunity”. Every day presents many small unscheduled chances for you to act on appropriately but if you dont answer in a timely manner that chance can be lost.
My mom once told me that her father said once that if a person dies without having any true regrets, then that person may not have lived at all. To me what he was saying is that he let some opportunities pass him by during his lifetime which caused him to have regrets. Its human nature to have regrets because regrets involve active decision making. Without deviating too far away from looking at these small windows of opportunities I have a story to tell
         Last Tuesday I was studying for my NSCA exam (to become a certified strength and conditioning coach), at a Starbucks in North Raleigh. I looked up for a moment only to see Miss North Carolina standing in front of my table looking for a spot to use her iPad. I was somewhat in awe of her beauty yet a bit curious to talk to her so I said hello then told her I was waiting for someone. I didnt take advantage of an opportunity I may have had because what I think I should have done is offer her my table out of courtesy. I could have talked to her about her life and could have possibly gotten a photo with her. In missing this opportunity I regret not acting appropriately to generously offering her my seat. Will I ever meet her again, probably not. Here is something to remember: Sometimes those small windows of opportunity only come once in your life. You can graduate from the best Universities, know the best people and have the best car but if you allow a small chance to slip by you may miss it for the rest of your life. So what small windows have you missed?
            Now youre probably thinking, “Ryan what is the point of this blog and how does this relate to wellness?” Well, I describe wellness as a series of decisions which lead you from living a good life, to living your best life. If you do not act when those small windows of opportunities arise then how can you achieve daily wellness in all areas of your life? Don’t spend your life stuck in the past with your head down and don't spend it stressed about your future. Look for the small windows each day and act accordingly.

Ryan Fahey

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