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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Baby Boomer Wellness


           If you were born between 1946-1964 and looking to increase your physical activity, it may be time for you to purchase a Piezo Pedometer. These simple pedometers can gauge your daily, weekly and monthly physical activity by showing you the number of steps you have taken each day. 
My dad is a perfect example. He retired four years ago this spring and he took it upon himself to stay active. He continues to focus on getting outside everyday and working out a few times a week along with some recreational hockey. However, until recently my dad was not actually tracking any of his activity. Partially because he didnt need to in order to motivate himself to move and partially because he just didnt think it was overly important. 
However, once I introduced him to the Piezo StepX Pedometer model he has found it very helpful in tracking his physical activity levels which help him maintain his healthy weight at 56. Everyday he puts his StepX on first thing in the morning and takes our new family puppy out for a walk to start the day. 
When I asked him about his physical activity levels he said, I have always been moderately active Ryan; even as a young child. As far back as I can remember I was outside playing and riding my bike or in the woods. It is a big part of my life. Being active outside helps me think clearer and live happier. The pedometer you gave me has helped me out a lot in making my physical activity visual to me each day.” 
My dads average number of steps (excluding his hockey games two nights/week) he moves an average of 6,440 steps per day. The average sedentary male moves an average of under 5,000 steps per day. On the weekends when my dad plays hockey he averages just over 8,000 steps just after about 90 minutes of ice hockey. When paired with his regular 6,440 step average, dad moves a total of ~14,540 steps per day when he plays hockey.      
       According to recent studies, accumulating over 12,000 steps classifies you as being highly active. That should be the benchmark of steps to accumulate to produce strong health benefits as adults. That being said, 14,540 steps is pretty impressive!
For a greater look at how many steps you should be getting as a baby boomer or an adolescent, feel free to check out this study:
          While 14,540 isn’t going to happen for everyone, having the StepX to help visualize how active you are can really give you a picture of where your physical activity level is and give you simple motivation to improve it, simply by adding more steps as time goes on. Imagine walking into your doctor’s office and being able to say I started out taking less than 5,000 steps a day, but now I take about 9,000! Your doctor will surely be thrilled and you will have proof that you have been listening to their advice.  
          The StepX is simple and is a great investment in your health. Try one out for yourself; you will not regret the extra steps! 

Ryan Fahey

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