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Friday, 1 November 2013

New Gym? No Problem!

              Finding a new workout facility should be easy right? It should be one of the easiest things to findnext to a gas station. If you are a new gym goer, getting to the gym has been more important to you than the actual gym itself. Others, who have been gym goers for some time, may find they need to switch it up.  Some people prefer small gyms, while others prefer single gendered gyms, green gyms, etc. You name it, and it is accessible!
However, for me there has been an odd shift in my workout arena. I went from working and working out in the same gym for six years, to a YMCA in NY for summer bouts, and now I find myself in Raleigh, North Carolina trying to find my ideal workout facility. With my work location, the lack of active transport infrastructure and a very diverse demographic, it has been tough to find a gym that works best for me. I like to treat my gyms as I treat my footwear. My feet are wide, oddly shaped and flat. Why is this important to know? Well, I can only buy certain footwear with special insoles to support my feet. A gym is similar. There are many in the city of Raleigh; some are full of standard equipment while others consist of extensive weight lifting areas, accessories, etc. I have attended three gyms (for free, of course) in Raleigh which I am trying to call my home. While investigating every aspect of the gym, from the flooring to the sauna room, I have been spoiled. There are some prestigious gyms here located to suit my convenience. 
Now, you are most likely thinking, “Ryan, this is crazy, just getting to the gym is good enough for me”. Or, “Ryan, just workout from home, it is the solution to this issue”. Well, those are both great ideas to consider, but as a trainer I like to be publicly involved with my workouts. Being in public facilities allows me to meet more people, exchange workout philosophies and learn of new gym innovations. 
The point of this blog is that if you are also shopping around for a new gym, take it seriously. Too many gyms try to rip you off with start up fees, hidden charges, etc. I encourage you to ask for trial offers and ask to extend those trial offers until you know for sure that gym will be where you call home. Personally, I think everyone who wants to start going to the gym needs to utilize the trial offer allowance to see if that gym, and its atmosphere, works for you. There are way to many things in this world which take the money out of our pocket; don’t let a gym membership add to that unless you are sure you want to invest time in that facility or family of facilities.

Ryan Fahey

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