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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Quote To Live By

       A wise man once said that if you want to function at your best and become successful, you must never regret spending money on your gut. I reflect on that statement every time I enter the grocery store.
      We darken the doors of our local grocery stores to supply ourselves with enough food to sustain us for a few days to a couple of weeks. We cruise the isles looking for what we want and often settle for something different because it is "cheaper". A prime example of this is pasta. When purchasing pasta, especially for a college student, it is so much easier to reach for the cheaper option of Kraft Dinner than to reach for a better option of egg noodle pasta. Noodle pasta is packed with protein and does not come with powdered cheese. However, it costs more money so people often choose KD instead. Think about your own grocery store experience and I am sure you do or have done the same thing. Reaching for the cheaper option is not necessarily the wrong option. Sometimes many healthy, nutritious items can come on sale (like apples in the summertime). Whatever you reach for in the aisles, it is so important to remember this quote:

"Never Regret Money You Spend on Your Gut".

      We all purchase items under some form of a tight budget.You are probably thinking, "Ryan, I can’t afford to buy some of these ‘healthier’ items when other items are far cheaper and appear to be healthy options as well". Well you are right. Food companies label their products to look and sound much healthier than they often are. Think about your budget line. Are you also spending your grocery budget on chips, cookies, cigarettes, alcohol, lottery tickets and other less important items. If you are to truly live by the above quote, you must first allocate as much funding as possible towards your grocery purchasing budget. This well give you the flexibility you need to buy the healthiest options.

      Now, if you spend more money on your groceries by choosing healthier options (yes, it will increase your grocery bill) what satisfaction will you get from that?

-You will feel so much better throughout the week from eating better food.

-You and your children will be choosing and eating healthier options at home.
-You ( and your family) will function better at work and school with better results.

      What challenges are you facing with this quote? What 'items' and ‘things’ are reducing your grocery budget each week that may not be the best choice for you and your family? Are the savings worth it in the long run?

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