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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Working out with a Champion

   Yesturday, in the Varsity gym at St.FX I had a fantastic workout with some X football players and B.C Lions wide receiver; Akeem Foster. Now, your probably thinking, "wow, big deal Ryan, I don't even know who that is". Well, that is fine. Akeem is a regular guy who happens to workout like a champion and have a Grey Cup Championship under his belt in the CFL. Most people would not deem this a big deal, but I think it is pretty humbling to workout alongside a champion, regardless of who it is!   
    Going into the gym and seeing a Canadian champion "firing" up his prodigies and coaches with his workouts is a great thing to walk in to. The energy in the gym that morning was ecstatic.   
    I am blogging about this because this humbled me. As a trainer and fitness instructor sometimes I lose sight of the talent and ability of the St.FX athletes. People need to know and realize the at this University we deliver world champions, Canada Games athletes, NHL stars and national calibre athletes. These individuals often fly under the radar in preparation for their competition.    
   Therefore, I write to you today to tell you that there are great athletes and many talented individuals who call St.FX there home. Next time you visit this University, ask around about it's athletic programs, it's athletes and it's academic integrity. For a place constructed out of the forest itself, it's athletic reputation is consistently augmenting across the world.    
     Be educated. Hit up the gym. Keep reading my blogs!

 Ryan Fahey
 B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
NCCP Canada

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