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Friday, 27 January 2012

Cookies for breakfast? Is that even a question?

       This seems like an obvious answer and rhetorical question right? Of course, well the answer to this question may indeed be interesting to look at. See, the other day I was cruising through the local Walmart when I came across a sale on pop tarts. HAHAHAHAHA. Pop tarts. Have you ever stood back and looked at these things and thought, "What are these things actually made of and why did I ever eat them as a kid?" When I was a kid, they were a cool thing to have for breakfast and quick and simple. However, just like the complexity of junk we have put into our foods and consequently; our bodies, so too have Pop Tarts become complex. These pop tarts were cookies and cream pop tarts and there was a picture of a cookie on the front by the actual pop tart featured in the box. I mean, do we not know what a cookie looks like? Of course we don't, so we throw a picture up on a breakfast box so that our kids know what a cookie is before they know what breakfast is. I mean, you ask any kid who was eating those for breakfast and they will probably say, "Ryan, its the cookie one." Guaranteed. You find me a kid who ate one of these who did not say that and I will give you my iPad. We have poisoned our foods by accepting dessert as breakfast. Now, lets get back to the original point..
      Should our kids skip breakfast instead of having one of these cookie tart-like-junk-food-sugar filled- fat filled- boxed items? Well, as sad as I am to be saying this (I am shaking my head for any adult letting kids eat these) but a breakfast is better than no breakfast. I mean, this type of food should not even be deemed a breakfast item, but when I watch parents buy these for their kids I try to look at it more positively....I mean, at least a child is having breakfast. So many children are going to school without anything in their stomachs, which is a whole other issue. So, having something is better than nothing. However, this does not mean that these children are any better nourished than the child who had a late night snack and no breakfast before school, but at least they have some form of caloric intake to function properly in the classroom.
   Seeing these items fly off the shelf reminds me just how important having and using a school breakfast program is. It is important to nourish our students and not just feed them garbage. As educators, parents, leaders and mentors the number one thing we can do for our youth is to prepare them to live in a just and moral society on their own. This starts at giving them or providing them with nutrient rich food. Not setting them up to be another health care patient statistic when they are in their late 40's.
   Let's get with the program folks. Lets support breakfast programs, nourish children and not feed them boxed desserts for breakfast. Lets give them the tools they need to succeed in life at any level of school! It is our duty as physical educators!

Ryan Fahey
B. A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
NCCP Canada

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  1. Just saw these in the local Walmart flyer for $2.00/ box. Terrible!