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Thursday, 24 November 2011

An Ode to the vegetarians?

Good evening to you all. Tonight, my friend Tim and I are at the local pool. On the drive in, I started thinking a lot about vegetarianism and why someone would choose this option of eating. First of all, in no way do I have all of the answers, but with the education I have and from the experiences I have shared, I am going to break down vegarianism.
Number one reason for becoming a vegetarian....what is in our food? We have such a variety of foods and have seen our share of meat product contamination, inhumane ways of treating animals, and have heard the horrors of sodium filled meats and animal biproducts. If I were to take an educated guess, I would assume that to become a vegetarian, would omit all of these uneeded stressors we have faced as a society. Which leads me to my second point..
Purity. By not ingesting mass amounts of sodium from dried and packaged meats and by not contaminating the body with higher amounts of cholesterol, we in turn purify our bodies by choosing "greener" alternatives. By having soy products we are choosing to put less complexity of unknown sources in our bodies..but what about the rest of us...
I firmly believe in eating meats.....of a certain kind and I believe that meat and dairy products are essential for a healthy, prosperous life. The thing that needs to be addressed is eating the right kinds of meats. We cannot simple buy cheap meat products and dried, mass produced products in hopes of achieving optimal health. We must choose lean meats which are low in fat and meat products which are locally grown. Meat has been consumed since the dawn of time and should continue as such, but we have such a variety of meats that the best types should be chosen. Animal cruelty and slaughterhouses operate according to Capitalist norms for the best types of production for their animal products. We must choose for ourselves not to simply go to KFC and order a bucket of chicken and say we are meat eaters. And we must not look at a can of lean tuna, choose not to eat it and call ourselves vegetarians. We must make the right food source choices and incorporate a balance of everything in our diets to achieve optimal health. Maybe I am wrong in saying this, but I am here on this planet to be the best I can be at whatever I choose to do. I am here to make a difference in others lives and to educate the masses. In doing so, I require balanced, healthy choices which included a limited but abundant meat group in a weekly diet. Prepare good food, buy good food and you too can achieve optimal health.

Ryan Fahey
CPTN Canada
Confit pro Fitness Instructor

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