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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Meeting Bill Clinton

Its one thing to say you went to dinner with former President Bill Clinton and former New Brunswick Premier and Ambassador to the United States, Frank McKenna, but it is another thing to recall what I learned from such an event. When I reflect upon this awesome occassion, a few things come to mind.
    One of the key things mentioned in Clinton's speech was the impact of fresh water. He talked about Greenland possessing about 8% of the entire world's fresh water resources. This is key in looking towards the future due to the projected need for fresh water resources.
     Second, with regards to leadership and being a good leader in the workforce or in one's community, it is important that is this information/communication age that we all accept our similarities with each other despite our possible ethnic and racial differences. We live in an age where globalization is predominant and we must be able to integrate and accept each other for better working conditions and production.
     Third, again with regards to leadership, we must stay focused on economic purpose. In history, I have studied many different cultures, dynasties and superpowers of there time continually rise. However, one way or another, each superpower could not stand the test of time. With regards to a capitalist economy, we must produce, produce, produce on a quarterly basis. What has happened is that we have risen and risen and risen economically in North America and have ultimately lost purpose. When we shift away from building for purpose or team based thinking to achievement based thinking about the here and now, we begin to generate a stagnant economy. This is breeding ground for an economic resession, which we have seen in the United States which has spilled over into Canada. Therefore, we must continually, as leaders, think about the wealth we could potentially make, but the wealth our kids and grand kids may be able to generate. When we think in a more economically purposeful way, we can bring our economy back to a more stable state.
     With all of this, along with McKenna's, "Thank you to everyone in the room, now I am going to name names very fast" speech, it seemed increasingly clear that I am part of a community building a legacy. This University, St.FX, located in the woods in rural Nova Scotia, is one of the most important institutions buildings business, teaching, coaching and medical leaders in Atlantic Canada. In an area where the University density is astounding, St.FX holds it's head higher than them all. Proof of this was last night, where one of the greatest public speakers of our time, Bill Clinton, came to meet, greet and speak to those select individuals who could attend such a historical event for the St.FX University.
Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
canfitpro Fitness Instructor

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