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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Last Spring Grad Trip

 Four years of hard work were celebrated over a seven day period with some of the greatest youthful thinkers of our time this past week. Not only am I ecstatic about being able to get to know these grads more, while others for the first time, I am excited to walk across the stage with every one of them on Sunday. I know some of you traveled 30+ hours both ways just to be a part of this event, knowing you would not regret it.
    From dancing our souls out, spilling drinks over the floor; to running down the sun kissed beach during a mid morning run, this trip encompassed everything. We shared conversations around the burger bar at 3am, shared clothes with each other when we needed it the most and even put sun screen on each other when we were passed out by the pool. We held the bucket for our sea sick grads, gave multiple toasts at dinner with new strangers and shared laughter with old friends. Whether the dj's liked Romar or not, whether Millar and I got stranded an hour away from the resort, or whether of not Catherine (caper) McInnis was sober on the flight back home, it was all a great week to be remembered.
    Many loved the priceless snorkeling session, others simply enjoyed relaxing by the pool. For others it may have been skinny dipping or seeing Mr.Kenny Mop the dance floor without a shirt.
    For me, being able to catch up to old friends from long ago was rewarding, allowing these old friends to interact with ones from St.FX really highlighted the sense of connectivity and approachability of St.FX students. Another thing for which I am proud.
    Whether you only brought day shorts and night shorts (Justin) or simply woke up with ripped shirts and glitter covering your body it was all part of the grad trip experience. Whether you grinded with "hotwire" at the disco or the random dudes in chicken suits at the beach party or tried the famous Mamma Juana with someone to which you developed an overnight affinity towards, that was what grad trip was all about. Whether it was the small things like running into a giant beached whale, or seeing a picture perfect sunrise or even grabbing that karaoke mic one too many times, it has been a fun ride, solidified within the memories of the "DR" of last week.
   As I reflect here at all the highlights exclusive to this trip with these select enlightened individuals, I urge you all one last time to take pride in all of your post secondary accomplishments, both big and small. I encourage all of you to cherish the moments of last week and to rekindle those memories when you glance at your X-ring or your embarrassing pictures from last week! You are all spectacular people from the far reaches of North America  from all paths of life and I am proud to know that you will always be a chapter of my life at as a StFX Undergrad. Therefore, Millar, this is my final written toast to all of you. Enjoy this grad weekend to its entirety and never forget this great week. With that, I leave you with a quote by Sean Riley in Gordon Pitts book, "The Codfathers". The quote found in the chapter titled, "The fellowship of the ring" accurately describes the St.FX experience...."Students are looking for a new feeling of family away from home, they are looking for personal meaning that goes beyond the classroom. St.FX, with its students thrown together in a small town, allows that feeling of family to ripen over four years. Relationships are not immediate or automatic or hot and cold, rather they mutate in intensity over time".
Cheers Grads!
Ryan Fahey
CPTN Canada
canfitpro Fitness Instructor
St.FX Human Kinetics Graduate 2011

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