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Saturday, 31 January 2015

What Do Wellness & Canada's Best Managed Companies Share?

          Two weeks ago I had the privilege of facilitating a wellness workshop for a National restoration company by the name of First On Site or FOS. It holds the prestige of being named one of Canada’s best managed companies for two consecutive years! FOS deals with industrial and home restoration. Long story short, they save your damaged goods from disaster and destruction. After speaking with the Director of Operations for Atlantic Canada, we both agreed that it would be ideal to deliver a high quality health and wellness workshop to their branch managers. As leaders, they understand the importance of living and leading a balanced life. Receiving the opportunity to facilitate this workshop became an early highlight of this new year!
         A total of 11 branch managers were in attendance for my workshop. One of the assignments we did as a group was to break down the six domains of wellness and they are: 


        Each manager examined each domain of wellness to apply to their personal demands, families demand and professional demands for each day. They identified which domains may be out of balance for them and their staff and we discussed ways which we could build up those domains and become better balanced leaders in 2015. It was amazing for me to see the learning taking place! One manager made a great point in stating that all domains are interconnected and provide us with a perfect wheel that turns. Essentially if one domain is out of balance, it can lead to a cascade of imbalances across all domains. I was reminded in this moment of why I have such a passion for wellness and why I built this blog. Wellness is dynamic and always trying to be reached. It is about recognizing and implementing daily activities, decisions and routines which take you from living a good life to living your best life.
        Later, I took them through their personalized action plan ran them through two case studies and got them to examine what was going wrong in those particular situations found in their case. As I went around the room some of the things I heard were amazing. These managers were critical, methodical and logical to what they barrier to wellness were in their case and how they could set S.M.A.R.T goals to achieve a more balanced life. It was real cool to see and to be a part of that learning!

        I just want to say thanks to the FOS atlantic branch managers for a day in which both sides gained knowledge surrounding wellness. The leadership and energy within that company is both charismatic and contagious. It was solace for me to remind these branch managers of their capabilities when living a balanced life.

Ryan Fahey

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