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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Protein Enriched Iced Coffee

        It's still summer which means it is hot outside, the sun stays up in the sky  longer than in the dreary winter months and some people are consuming iced  coffee. This delicious summer treat can come with many flavors, sugars, etc.  which, in my mind, can ruin the coffee by masking caffeine with high amounts  of sugar!   
    What if I told you I have discovered a revolutionary way to enjoy your cool  treat by adding 28g of protein, only 13g of sugar with little carbs and  under 200 calories. That's right, you're thinking, "Ryan you are going to be  a millionaire from this idea" and maybe you are right. However, until then,  let me convince you into trying out this drink. Many people tend to drink Iced coffee with added creams, syrups and sugars which simply give you superfluous calories, little nutritional value but full of sugar. Iced coffee by itself contains little calories.
    For example, a Starbucks unsweetened grande iced coffee contains about 9 calories. However, when adding sugars and creams to make it more of a "treat" we begin to see the buildup of calories (from 80-110cal). If that is what you enjoy then congrats and make sure you walk to the coffee shop and back home! 
       My recipe is quite simple and arguably more refreshing. Just grab your protein shaker, add one scoop of Rivalus soft serve vanilla promasil protein (~90 cals),  100ml of skim milk (~30 cals) and 200ml of cold unsweetened coffee (~9cals). Throw in two good sized ice  cubes, shake and bam! You have a caffeinated high protein, iced  coffee for about 20-30 more calories than your Starbucks sugar rush. 
   It is a great summer treat that offers a lot of protein along with 
good taste! I encourage you to try out your own iced coffee mix next time 
you are craving something sweet and refreshing.

Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada
Canfitpro FIS, PTS

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