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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Student Blogging

     YOU can be a blogger. We all have opinions and ideas running through our minds each day which we use an online journal to express those ideas. However, at a rural middle school, one teacher is transforming student journaling into an online blog-like format whereby students can express themselves in a safe, educative way online through the school board website. After thoroughly looking through this setup, I realized that this is an AWESOME thing which can transform education paradigms.      
     The students who are piloting this e-journal  are continuously awaiting new postings, books, journals and discussions as it mimics the Facebook type of social network. Bringing the classroom to life online, students are becoming engaged as late as 9:15pm and up early to see if other postings were put on in the late evening hours. They are constantly excited about what they are doing and about possessing their own blog posts online within the education board website.    
     Now, your probably wondering how this is related to health and wellness... Well, education and affiliative learning is essential in sustaining social wellness and well being.  Your ability to express yourself in any situation, verbally or written, is directly related to your individual wheels of wellness.   
     This is a shift in thinking which I can see for the future development and well being of our students. We are trending into the blogosphere and moving away from hand written journals in school. I see this as a great thing as students become more aware of the positives of social media and how it can promote educative learning within their lives and spheres of influence. This can also allow them to be able to seek out good information and how to post it, write about it and analyze it in its entirety. Whether it is a book or an experience, students are leaving this school with the skills and ability to express themselves in a safe, effective way online!

 Ryan Fahey
B.A Human Kinetics
CPTN Canada

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